Worthington WT4601i Load & Lock Trigger Start Map Pro Torch

Worthington WT4601i Load & Lock Trigger Start Map Pro Torch

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Worthington WT4601i Load & Lock Trigger Start Map Pro Torch

Load N Lock burner interchange system

Standard cyclone burner

For brazing and soft soldering

High impact fiber reinforced body

This torch is compatible with 5 additional burners (Sold Seperately)

Worthington Pro Grade™ is more than a brand name slapped on a label wrapped around a cylinder. The Worthington Pro Grade stamp is an assurance the product you’ve just purchased is built to exceed the highest standards possible and will perform on a consistent level long into the future. Worthington Pro Grade™ hand torch cylinders, which contain MAP-Pro™, propane, or oxygen, are the industry standard for hand torches and have been manufactured by Worthington since 1964. Worthington’s 14 ounce tall and slim cylinder is preferred by plumbing professionals and weekend do-it-yourself specialists nationwide because of its ease of use and comfort grip. Like all of our products, each hand torch cylinder meets or exceeds industry regulations for quality and is manufactured in facilities that have won awards for proactive safety practices and regulations

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