Taymor 36" Heavy Duty White Grab Bar 1-1/2 Diameter Concealed 03-C430036

Taymor 36" Heavy Duty White Grab Bar 1-1/2 Diameter Concealed 03-C430036

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product description

Taymor 36 inch Heavy Duty 18 Gauge Steel Grab Bar, 1-1/2 inch Diameter Concealed Flange, White Vinyl Powder Coated Finish

Product Description
Where limited mobility is experienced, be it caused by age or disability, the risk of falling and sustaining serious injury increases dramatically. Without assistance even using the bathroom, taking a shower or using the stairs can become difficult and risky. Installing Taymor grab bars throughout the house provides valuable assistance, helping to prevent nasty falls and injury by lending support in high risk areas such as bathrooms or stairwells. Made of 18 gauge steel tubing, the bars are powder coated in white vinyl to provide a longlasting finish that provides a good gripping surface. The 1-1/2 inch wall clearance offers enough space to comfortably reach around gain a secure hold. Taymor grab bars meet ADA requirements, and exceed HUD, HEW, FHA, VA and other federal, state and local codes when installed correctly. These grab bars are perfect for assisted care facilities, independent living apartments and health care environments as well as any home.
Taymor 36 X 1 1/2 Grab Bar Concealed Flange White Vinyl Powder Coating


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