Shur-Line 61-901-000 Pump & Paint System - Eliminates Taping
Shur-Line 61-901-000 Pump & Paint System - Eliminates Taping
Shur-Line 61-901-000 Pump & Paint System - Eliminates Taping

Shur-Line 61-901-000 Pump & Paint System - Eliminates Taping

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The Pump & Paint is an ideal painting system that is PERFECT for edging. 
Forget the tape - paint the edges for doors, windows, ceilings, and baseboards like a pro. 
It's the fastest way to trim a room! 
Simply place the pop and paint on top of your gallon paint can and pump the arm a few times to draw fresh paint into the drip tray. 
The paint draws from the bottom of the can, then gradually drains to constantly cycle fresh paint. 
Then use the included edger to paint a perfectly straight edge. 
When you're done, the entire system comes apart easily for storage and cleaning. 

This kit includes the Shur-Line Paint edger, which features drop-down retractable wheel guides so they don't get covered in paint. 
The handle swivels 180 degrees so you can get that perfect grip, and you can mount it on any standard painter's pole. 
The pad can be easily ejected to either throw it away or to quickly change colors without a mess. 
Deluxe Shur-Line Edger: - Drop-Down Wheel Guide - Swivel Handle - Threaded for Pole - Quick Eject Button - Eliminates Need for Taping


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