Parasia Admetior 12" Candy/Deep-fry Cooking Thermometer T409C

Parasia Admetior 12" Candy/Deep-fry Cooking Thermometer T409C

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Parasia Admetior 12" Candy/Deep-fry Cooking Thermometer T409C

  • The Admetior 12" Candy Thermometer brings you accurate temperature readings when you need them the most
  • When cooking candy or deep frying a few degrees can mean the difference between good food and not so good food. 
  • This thermometer is specifically designed for those extreme cooking conditions that you get while cooking candy or deep frying
  • This thermometer provides accurate readings to help keep track of any change in your cooking temperatures because a rise or drop in temperature could ruin all of your hard work. 


  • Wide temperature range 100F ~ 500F
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable 12”stainless steel probe
  • Movable red arrow as a target temperature indicator
  • Pot clip for hands free use
  • Durable bi-metal construction
  • Large simple easy to read 2.7" dial

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