Milwaukee 48-22-5616 5m / 16 FT Tape Measure

Milwaukee 48-22-5616 5m / 16 FT Tape Measure

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product description

Milwaukee® Tape Measures are Nothing But Heavy Duty®. Using Nylon Blade Protection and a 5-Point Reinforced Frame, they offer up to 10X Longer Life. Additional innovative features include a wider base which allows for greater stability during layout, and an optimized hook that is designed for scoring applications like drywall.
Nylon Bond Blade Protection - 10x more resistant to contamination 
5-Point Reinforced Frame - 10X durability, Drop Protection 
Wide Base - More Stability During Layout 
Optimized Hook - Designed for Scoring Applications 
Wire Form Belt Clip - Reduces Pocket Tearing 
Up to 9' Standout

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