Libbey 70855 5.75-oz Martini Chiller Set - Case of 24

Libbey 70855 5.75-oz Martini Chiller Set - Case of 24

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Libbey 70855 Description

The Libbey 70855 martini chiller is a unique way to serve martinis, cosmopolitans, and many other cocktails, keeping them cold as guests enjoy them. This glass consists of two individual pieces, a round ice bowl and a stemless martini glass that rests inside the bowl, coming in contact with the ice to stay cool. The Libbey 70855 makes for a unique conversation piece in bars and eateries that want to set a contemporary décor. This piece is protected by Libbey's Safedge guarantee, which means the company will replace the glass if a rim chips.

Product Details

  • Martini chiller
  • Contemporary styling makes glass a suitable conversation piece in cutting-edge bars and eateries
  • Consists of two pieces: an ice bowl and a stemless martini glass
  • Safedge Rim guarantee warranties rim against chipping (does not cover glass breakage)
  • Overall Dimensions: 312 in. H x 414 in. top dia. x 212 in. bottom dia. x 438 in. D
  • Note: Individual pieces are not sold separately

Note: Glass volume measurements are given in U.S. customary ounces in brimful capacities. The capacity of an individual piece may vary by up to 5 percent from its given measurement.

Martini Chiller, 5-3/4 oz., (H 3-1/2"; T 4-1/4"; B 2-1/2"; D 4-3/8")