Irwin Speedbor 88824 1-1/2" x 6" Blue-Groove Spade Bit

Irwin Speedbor 88824 1-1/2" x 6" Blue-Groove Spade Bit

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Flat Bit 1-1/2 In. x 6 In.


IRWIN® SPEEDBOR® 1 1/2 Inch x 6-Inch Standard Length Spade Bits have a patented Blue-Groove™ cutting edge and point that speeds up debris removal and drilling rates. It's an excellent general purpose wood-boring bit. Two cutting spurs located on the edges of the Irwin flat drill bit's cutting face scribe wood stock as you work. This scribing action reduces tearing and produces a cleaner hole. The bit also has a 25 percent larger shank and a 40 percent heavier cutting edge than standard spade bits, which increases tool strength and enhances durability. Irwin's flat wood drill bit has a 6 inch long, 1/4-inch quick-change hex shank that fit any quick-change adapter and most standard drill chucks.

 Double cutting spurs scribe the outside of the hole, reducing breakout

 Thicker cutting edge for longer drilling life

 Patented BLUE-GROOVE point and cutting edge for faster chip removal

 Larger shank for durability

 Quick change shank fits all standard 1/4-in quick change chucks

 Shank length: 6 inches

 1/4-inch quick-change hex shank fits most standard drill chucks and any quick-change adapter