Honeywell RCW102N Wired Door Bell Chime
Honeywell RCW102N Wired Door Bell Chime

Honeywell RCW102N Wired Door Bell Chime

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product description

Unique front- and back-door chime alerts you to visitors at both entrances

Your house or business is a busy place. People ring at the front door and knock at the back door. What if both entrances could announce visitors? Now they can with our Wired Door Chime - RCW102N. The front-door chime features an attractive design with a shape that can cover marks from older chimes. For the back door, the chime includes an additional doorbell push button. Whether it’s the chime or the doorbell push button, you get the same traditional sound quality. With both entrances covered, your home or business can run more efficiently.

Attractively designed with size and shape that easily cover wall marks from older chimes
Two chime tunes
Additional doorbell push button may be added for back door
Compatibility: B
DIY installation

If people come to the front and back door, this door chime will announce their presence

Replace your old chime with this unique front- and back-door chime. Our Wired Door Chime - RCW102N features a chime for the front of the house where most people come to the door. But if you need to be alerted that someone is at the back door, there’s also a doorbell push button. You can choose from two chime tunes with traditional sound quality.