GearWrench 715D Universal Nut Cracker
GearWrench 715D Universal Nut Cracker

GearWrench 715D Universal Nut Cracker

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GearWrench 715D Universal Nut Cracker


    • Do Not Use on Heat-Treated Nuts
    • Length: 6-3/4"
    • Parallel Action of Pusher Cracks Nuts Without Damaging Bolt Threads
    • Chisel Rotates 360° to Line Up Parallel to Bolt
    • Simply Tighten the Screw Until the Nut Splits Has Rugged Drop-Forged Frame
    • Splits Most Stubborn Nuts 7/16" (11mm) Through 3/4" (19mm) Across the Flats
    • Works in Channels Not Accessible to Other Tools
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  • Aeronca x 96 weiser l2 p32

  • Bc 3/5/18 SC

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