DeWalt DW4851 6" x 6 TPI Drywall Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades 5 Pack
DeWalt DW4851 6" x 6 TPI Drywall Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades 5 Pack

DeWalt DW4851 6" x 6 TPI Drywall Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades 5 Pack

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DeWalt DW4851 6" 6TPI Plaster Cutting Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade (5 Pack)

For drywall, plastic, plaster cutting. Reciprocating saw blades are used for cutting a wide variety of materials ranging from wood and metal to plastic and drywall. In general, lower tooth counts cut faster, but provide a rougher finish. Blades will fit all brands of reciprocating saws. 5 pack.Features
  • V-shaped tooth form reduces tearing of drywall or plaster
  • Specially formulated anti-stick coating minimizes friction and gum-up
  • Tough, flexible bi-metal design reduces blade breakage
  • Matrix II steel with 8% cobalt for maximum durability
  • Reinforced tooth for increased durability
  • 3 degree shank angle for fast efficient cutting

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