Coast LED Lenser Leflector 8000CP Replacement For Halogen Bulbs UP TO 20w MR16
Coast LED Lenser Leflector 8000CP Replacement For Halogen Bulbs UP TO 20w MR16

Coast LED Lenser Leflector 8000CP Replacement For Halogen Bulbs UP TO 20w MR16

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Coast LED Lenser Leflector 8000CP Replacement For Halogen Bulbs UP TO 20w MR16
Red Spot light 

30 year bulb
Replacement for halogen bulbs 20w MR16
50,000 hour bulb 12 volts
Indirect track lighting
Accent lighting
Decorative lighting
Landscape lighting

The LED light bulb can do everything that incandescent and halogen lights can do but with more efficiency.  In an LED bulb, there is no filament and very little heat.  The light source is a diode that emits light when electricity is applied.  It works on an entirely different set of principles than the older light styles.  You have probably already been living with this kind of light for some time.  The little light bulb that comes on when you turn on your coffee pot, or any number of other electric devices, is most likely an LED bulb. This mechanism for creating LED light allows for much lower energy use, brighter light, and longer lasting bulbs.

The LED lenser Lefector bulb is the most common home light bulb available.  These lights can replace up to a twenty watt halogen bulb, and they will last for an incredible amount of time.  An LED lenser can burn continuously for more than 50,000 hours.  That is more than five years of continuous use and over thirty years if the bulbs burn an average of four hours a day.  The LED is over ninety percent more efficient than a halogen bulb and can be operated for pennies a year.  Not only will these LED lights change, update and improve you lighting design, they are a great option for those families who are looking to be more environmentally conscious and ‘live green’.

The LED replacement bulbs are completely weather resistant and can actually stay intact through a lot of abuse.  They are perfect for outdoor accent lighting and come in a variety of colors.  They burn very bright and can give you any shape of light you need, from a spotlight to a flood light.  There are even LED fixtures available that can be adjusted between flood light and spotlight.  These bulbs are great inside the house, too.  Most traditional track lighting fixtures can support LED bulbs.  You can use these bulbs in the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, and game room. 

So update your lighting fixtures with something that works better with your home, lifestyle and budget.  The cost upfront will definitely pay off in the long run.

Aeronca x 2 BW

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