Armstrong Tools 79-565 T-Slot Bolt 3/8" x 3" USA

Armstrong Tools 79-565 T-Slot Bolt 3/8" x 3" USA

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product description

A t-bolt, also referred to as a t-slot bolt, is a threaded fastener used in a machine's slot for holding. T-slot bolts are often made from steel, with their strength described in either grade or class. They may also include a coating, such as black oxide, for corrosion resistance or other benefits including lubricity. Tensile strength and hardness should be specified, along with thread fit. T-bolts typically have their length measured from beneath the head, and this includes both the threaded and unthreaded portions of the fastener's shank. T-bolts usually have a length from under head, thread length, screw size, and compatible slot width specified. While the head of a t-bolt is square or rectangular, it may have a specially designed neck or a smooth round one.

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