Armstrong 87-622 Carbide Cutter Grade A5 USA

Armstrong 87-622 Carbide Cutter Grade A5 USA

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Armide is a sintered carbide material with a hardness approaching that of the diamond. It easily machines the toughest steels and castings and can be used also for hard rubber, plastics, and even glass.
Since cutters will hold their edge far longer than even the finest tool steels, they will machine from ten to 100 times as many pieces before they require regrinding. Can be used in Armstrong Carbide Tool Holders and Quick Change Tool Holders, as well as other tool holding systems

Shank dim. A: 5/16"

Overall Length. B: 2-1/4"

Nose radius 1/64"

Blank dimensions. T: 3/32"

Blank dimension. W: 1/4"

Blank dimension. L: 1/2"


Kuna 13-14

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BC 6/22/17 AC

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