Milwaukee 48-32-4401 Shockwave 29-Piece Driver Bit Set

Milwaukee 48-32-4401 Shockwave 29-Piece Driver Bit Set

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Milwaukee 48-32-4401 Shockwave 29-Piece Driver Bit Set

The Milwaukee 48-32-4401 impact driver bit set caters to all many types of drilling and fastening needs, and it is a versatile addition to any tool set. These bits are made from high-quality heat-treated steel that provides maximum strength and durability. These bits are designed with optimized shock zone geometry that absorbs peak torque and prevents them from breaking. The custom machined tips prevent the bits from stripping and reduces wobble. These Milwaukee bits can be used for many drilling and fastening needs of the user and offer about 10 times longer life than standard bits.


(1) Shockwave 29-Piece Driver Bit Set  (48-32-4401)

(3) Magnetic nut drivers
(10) Phillips 1-in bits
(3) Phillips 2-in bits
(1) Shockwave compact magnetic bit holder
(5) Square 1-in bits
(3) Square 2-in bits
(3) Torx 1-in bits
(1) Case with bulk storage container

Aeronca X 5 1428 18SOUTH AISLE

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