Jacobs Tool 9562 J917 LATHE COLLET
Jacobs Tool 9562 J917 LATHE COLLET

Jacobs Tool 9562 J917 LATHE COLLET

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​Jacobs Tool 9562 J917 LATHE COLLET

Jacobs #9562 Lathe Chuck Collets - Model J917. Jacobs Rubber Lathe Chuck Collets can generate two to three times the gripping power of a conventional split-steel collet. It is unaffected by heat, coolants and cutting compounds and retains its flexibility over a long service life as compared to spring tempered metal designs. The Jacobs Catalog #9562 has a Maximum capacity of 1", a minimum capacity of 0.875", and a cone angle of 26°.

The Jacobs J917 Lathe Collet features parallel jaw insert surfaces that exert uniform, accurate gripping force up to three times greater than can be achieved with split-steel collets. Each Jacobs collet accepts and precisely centers a wide range of both decimal or metric diameters (within the collet capacity range) to speed setups and increase machining productivity. Jacobs collets are made of a durable one-piece construction, synthetic rubber that retains flexibility and resists deterioration from heat, coolants and cutting compounds, and steel jaw inserts precision ground after molding process to ensure maximum gripping accuracy. Jacobs collets are hardened for greater wear resistance than split steel collets, and each collet bore is held concentric to the o.d. tapers, front and back, to minimize T.I.R.

These Jacobs Collets also automatically seal tool O.D. to prevent coolant flow through thus increasing tool wear, and it seals collets and machine spindles to protect from abrasive particles and swarf.

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