Irwin Vise-Grip 9LN 9" Long Reach Locking Plier With Wire Cutter 1502L3

Irwin Vise-Grip 9LN 9" Long Reach Locking Plier With Wire Cutter 1502L3

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9 In. Long Nose Locking Plier

These IRWIN® VISE-GRIP® THE ORIGINAL™ 9-Inch Long Nose Locking Pliers with Wire Cutter offer a classic design that provides tons of strength on the job. Their long nose extends your reach into compact spaces, so you always have a strong grip on your target material. These Irwin long nose locking pliers have hardened teeth that resist slips and withstand high levels of pressure. They lock down, so you don't need to maintain your hold on the handles, and they have a screw on one handle that increases the strength of its grip. These 9-inch pliers have an alloy steel body that withstands tough jobs without bending or breaking, and it features a trigger-style release system that unlocks the jaws when you finish your task.

  •  Irwin long nose locking pliers use a classic design to provide tons of strength on the job
  •  Long nose design extends your reach in tight spaces
  •  Hardened teeth grip without slips and resist damage
  •  Irwin long nose pliers lock down for strong grip and adjust for extra pressure
  •  Alloy steel body withstands intense pressure without bending
  •  Classic trigger releases grip once you complete your task
  •  Irwin locking pliers come with manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty

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