Irwin 1870565 5/32" x 4" Tapcon Installation Bit For 3/16" Tapcon
Irwin 1870565 5/32" x 4" Tapcon Installation Bit For 3/16" Tapcon

Irwin 1870565 5/32" x 4" Tapcon Installation Bit For 3/16" Tapcon

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product description

IRWIN Impact Performance Series Tapcon Installation System 
Quickly Installs Concrete Fasteners 
IRWIN Impact Performance Series Tapcon* Installation System combines a bit and drill/drive sleeve to make Tapcon installation faster and easier. The bits have a built-in hex collar stop feature for drilling the perfect hole depth for Tapcon and other concrete screws. Engineered with a pressed carbide tip with aggressive cutting angles, these durable bits drill fast, and their one-piece construction withstands higher torque loads than standard quick-change bits built with a two-piece design. The Drill/Drive Installation Sleeve makes the installation process even easier. The sleeve slides over and locks on to the drill bit’s hex collar and accepts standard or impact 1/4-inch hex shank fastener drive bits for driving screws and completing the job. *Tapcon is a registered trademark of Illinois Tool Works, Inc.
Built-in hex collar on drill bit for perfect hole depth 
One-piece construction for high-torque applications 
Carbide tip for faster drilling and longer bit life 
Drill/drive sleeve for quick driving of fasteners

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