GearWrench 82051 18" C-Clamp Locking Pliers

GearWrench 82051 18" C-Clamp Locking Pliers

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18" Swivel Pads C-Clamp Jaws Locking Pliers (82051) by GearWrench. With Swivel Pads. No matter whether you’re doing plumbing, electrical or any other type of work, with top-of-the-line GearWrench pliers you’ll get your job done in no time flat. Need to cut very thick, curved or hexagonal materials? Working in tight places? You’ll easily find pliers that will work great for you. GearWrench pliers are forged from high-grade alloy steel and precision machined for exact tolerances to deliver exceptional quality, performance, and longevity.

Length: 18"
Jaws Type: C-Clamp Jaws
Handle Type: Metal

Crafted from premium alloy steel for superior strength and durability
Designed to help you do your job with greater precision and less effort
Ergonomically optimized handle for maximum gripping comfort
Guaranteed to deliver excellent resistance to rust and corrosion
Proven to meet the strictest performance requirements

Size 18"

Jaw Length 12.32"

Jaw Width 6.36"

Jaw Thickness 1.11"

Overall Length 18.13"

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