Gardner Bender GSE-505 3/4" Service Entrance Staples #6 USA - 4 (5pks)

Gardner Bender GSE-505 3/4" Service Entrance Staples #6 USA - 4 (5pks)

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5/8" Polyethylene Service Entrance Cable Strap Staple, Grey, #6 SER, Wood - 4 (5pks)

Service Entrance Cable Strap/Staple designed for securing larger sized electrical cable onto wood surfaces. Stabilized polythelyne saddle withstands both extreme cold and UV rays without cracking or deteriorating. Designed to cradle and protect delicate cable insulation during installation. Zinc-plated nails resist rust and corrossion and recess fully into the strap to eliminate snags. Secures #6 SER service entrance cable. Assembled in USA with components from USA and China.

UV-resistant Polyethylene saddle withstands deterioration and breakage due to extreme cold and UV rays
Saddle cradles and protects cable insulation
Electro-zinc plated nails resist rust and corrosion
Nail heads recess into the strap when fully driven into wood to eliminate snags
UL Listed
Secures #6 SER service entrance cable
Assembled in USA with components from USA and China

INSTRUCTIONS: Position cable at desired location and length. Hold staple over cable and install into wood with hammer.
Driving staples too firmly may damage insulation when used with non-metallic sheathed cable. Not for use with portable cords.

You will receive a total of 4 pieces of 5 pack service entrance staples = 20pcs complete order

**Please note: One pack posted in picture has no informational card included in packaging. This is to show you could possibly receive one of the two packages shown. These came this way from the manufacturer. We apologize for any inconvenience or worry this may cause.**