Armstrong 59-070 70mm Black Oxide 12 Point 45° Offset Striking Wrench USA

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70mm Black Oxide 12 Point 45° Offset Striking Wrench
  • Made in the USA - Quality and Availability
  • For Use Where a Hammer or Sledge is Required to Create Extreme Force / Torque Necessary to Loosen or Tighten Large Fasteners
  • Large Striking Surface for More Efficient Hammer Contact, More Force Being Applied to the Fastener
  • Offset Round Handle Design to Clear Obstructions
  • Handle Length Permits Use in Confined Areas
  • Box End Opening is Designed to Remain Engaged to the Fastener When the Wrench is Struck
  • Heavy Box End Opening Provides Greater Transmission of Torque and More Strength While Also Providing Access to Confined Fasteners
  • Manufactured From High Alloy Steel Using the Most Up-To-Date Manufacturing Process and Heat Treat for Greater Strength and Durability
  • SAE/Metric/Torx Metric
    Overall Length 16.000 in
    Drive Type 12 Point
    End A Drive Type 12 Point
    End A Ratcheting Type None
    End B Width 1.937 in
    End B Thickness 1.685 in
    End A Offset Degrees 45 °
    End A Width 4.437 in
    End A Thickness 1.874 in
    End A SAE/MET Metric
    End A Fastener Size 70 mm