Napa P821 Grip-On 9" Plugweld Locking Pliers Spain

Napa P821 Grip-On 9" Plugweld Locking Pliers Spain

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product description

The solid copper pad on the fixed jaw solves the problem of burn thru when plugwelding thin sheet metal panels. Spatter resistant copper even enables the filling of pilot holes. Saves time and increases productivity in the body repair shop.

These are brand new but were shipped in a gaylord loose so they will have some scrapes and scuffs on them

 Copper alloy knurled swivel pad: 
Prevents burn through when plug welding thin sheet metal. 
Weld does not stick to copper. Copper allows quick cooling of weld. 
U-Shaped mobile jaw: Provides even pressure around spot to be welded.

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