Vermont American 27839 12" x 80 ATB Carbide Trim Saw Blade Unmarked Bulk

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Vermont American titanium 12" x 80 ATB Carbide Trim Saw Blade Unmarked Bulk 27839 Vermont American Thin Kerf Saw Blade for a Miter Saw, or Table saw.  It is made for a 1" bore arbor size saw.  It is a 12" , 80 tooth  with Alternate Top bevel, 0 degree tooth rake (ATB).  It is great for clean fine Crosscuts. It fits all brands of saw with the 1" arobor. It also has J slots  to control the heat arount the perimeter and reduce noise.  It also has Dyanite Carbide which lasts up to 5 times longer than standard carbide. These blades are made for Vermont American by Bosch we received them before they were silk screened or packaged. All first quality. 1" Arbor 0 Degree Hook Angle 

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