Bosch RBS022XW 3 Piece 1/2" Shank Straight / Mortising Router Bit Set USA

Bosch RBS022XW 3 Piece 1/2" Shank Straight / Mortising Router Bit Set USA

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Bosch RBS022XW 3-Piece 1/2" Shank Straight Router Bit Set Comes with 85460M, 85242M, 85265M.  

85460M -- Overall Diameter 1/4" -- Cutting edge length 7/8" -- Shank diameter 1/2" -- Shank length 1-27/32" -- Overall length 2-15/16" 
85242M -- Overall diameter 1/2" -- Cutting edge length 1-1/2" -- Shank diameter 1/2" -- Shank length 1-17/64" -- Overall length 2-15/16" 
85265M -- Overall diameter 3/4" -- Cutting edge length 1-1/4" -- Shank diameter 1/2" -- Shank length 1-39/64" -- Overall length 2-7/8"  

Carbide tip. Double flute. Designed for fast plunge cutting. Strong webbing and heavy cutter backing extend cutter life. All bits must be inserted in the full length of the collet. Be sure to use only router bits and accessories specifically designed for your router. 85460M is not guaranteed against breakage due to extreme length.   Bosch is the worldwide leading manufacturer of linear edge, topping the market through engineering expertise, manufacturing capabilities and world reknowned quality. Continuing on the path of innovation and engineering excellence, Bosch has developed a new line of recip blades. By incorporating key design features, materials and patented tooth technologies, Bosch optimizes blade cutting efficiency for the fastest cutting and longest lasting blades available. Choose from blades suited for occasional, standard, heavy or demolition use in a variety of materials such as wood with nails, metal, stainless steel, cinder block, cement board or fiberglass. Flexible blades, thick kerf and tall body blades and carbide blades for abrasive materials are available and blade selection is made even easier with application color-coding and callouts on the blades. 

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