Dewalt D180052 3-1/4" Bi-Metal Hole Saw USA

Dewalt D180052 3-1/4" Bi-Metal Hole Saw USA

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With a double-tooth design for long life and extreme durability, DEWALT Bi-Metal Hole Saws power through 2 times the material in a single pass. A sharp tooth geometry expedites cutting, and thick, hardened backing plates helps to prevent thread stripping. A high-speed steel height makes them ideal for tough jobs.

Double tooth design strengthens each tooth for longer life and improved durability
Thick, hardened backing plates prevent thread stripping
Increased high speed steel height (highest in the industry) improves hole saw durability
Sharper Tooth Geometry cuts material faster for faster drilling
Deep cut style holes saws will cut 2x material in 1 pass.
Made in the USA of US and foreign materials 

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